A steel orchestra based in Trinidad & Tobago, Renegades has distinguished themselves as one of the top steel bands, winning the National title 10 times
The steel pan is the greatest success story of acoustic musical instruments in the twentieth century. It began just before World War II, when Carnival processions in Trinidad began knocking rhythms on bits of metal, dustbins, pots and pans. Within a decade and a half the same gangs, now called steelbands, were playing Chopin and Beethoven, mambos, jazz and calypso.
Still, youth gangs they were, rooted in neighbourhoods, subject to social ostracism and police harassment, and inclined to violent territorial warfare. It took another decade to channel their energy and passion away from conflict. Today at the Panorama competition scores of huge steelbands, caravans of up too 100 players and 300 steel drums, are trucked from towns and villages throughout the country into Port of Spain, there to do musical battle in that annual moment of steelband apotheosis.
Renegades tells that story of the steelband movement in words and images, focusing especially on the history of one which , perhaps more than any other, has come to symbolise the success of steelband music: the Renegades. This is the remarkable story of a youth gang’s descent into violence, and their heroic climb out of it and into musical excellence.
BP has proudly sponsored Renegades for over 40 years. During that time Renegades has distinguished themselves as on of the top steel bands. Renegades have won the National Panorama title nine times, including three back to back wins.

Midi channels are in order

1 Tenor
2 D/T
3 D/s Lines
4 D/s strum1
5 D/s strum2
6 guitar
7 cello
8 quads
9 fourpan
10 bass

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