NAPE – New Advanced Product Evolution Inc

As the logo suggest, we are an organization involved with bringing new ideas to the table, hence New Advance Product Evolution. It is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions and that quest is of major import within the NAPE structure. While many may insist the wheel does not need to be re-invented and there is no need to build a better mousetrap, we insist that innovation be our motivation and inspiration. We will strive to research, develop and produce new ideas whenever and wherever we think and determine they will lead to a progressive benefit for industry and society at large.

Those who are involved in the creative and inventive process understand and know well the methodology involved with the search for innovation for new and useful improvements.

We are proud and excited with the pending launch of our first initiative, but there are many more to come. So please book-mark this site to your Favorites, and Contact Us to sign-up for our e-mailing list to keep abreast of developments.