This app possesses some features of the E-Pan, the World’s 1st Electronic Synthesized Steelpan. It is as the name implies, the best Piano app on the market. Not only can you play different voices of the Piano, it is also a teaching tool. This Piano App has an In App (IA) tab available for users to purchase and acquire a feature called “Piano Professor”, which through the use of MIDI files allows them to play along with songs available on the web. It also has a feature that works with iOS Core MIDI System, which when you connect your tablet or smart phone to a keyboard or electronic steelpan, the corresponding notes that you play will light up on the app. The #1 Piano App GOLD enables users to play the Piano in the conventional way. Additional tones are also available for purchase through the IA which allows users to emulate the sound of other instruments (like Steelpan, flute, trumpet, guitar, marimba, organ, violin, fretless bass, alto sax, pan flute, choir Aahs) without having to learn those instruments.


  • This #1 Piano App GOLD has an In App feature called “Piano Professor” which is a teaching tool for people to learn to play the steelpan.
  • Once you have acquired the “Piano Professor” the history making arrangements from Duvone Stewart comes FREE; “The year for love” (played by BP Renegades) and “Limbo” (played by Pan Elders). Both these arrangements placed 1st in Panorama in 2018. This has never been achieved before.
  • It allows you to use any MIDI file available on the web to learn to play any song available.
  • It allows you to change octaves.
  • It has note display feature.
  • It delivers consistent sound and tonal quality.
  • The #1 Piano App GOLD provides access to the sounds of just about every musical instrument which is built-in to the app.
  • Users can also choose any particular instrument range as the #1 Piano App GOLD will be able to play the complete range from the highest tenor (soprano) to the lowest (bass).
  • With the use of a lightening connector you can connect your tablet or smart phone to a MIDI controller, keyboard or electronic steelpan (such as the E-Pan). Playing the controller will control this app lighting up the corresponding note.
  • This #1 Piano App GOLD produces one “Piano sound”.
  • #1 Piano App GOLD will facilitate play-along to accompany your favourite songs (karaoke-style) by using the Piano Professor.
  • It will help you learn how to read music.
  • It will help you to teach in the classroom digitally.
  • It will help you to create tutorials digitally when hooked up to a controller.
  • Rated best and most realistic Piano app by all Piano professionals and virtuosos.
  • The first and only app to include the full range of all steelpans and to have different steelpan/steeldrum instrument layouts ALL IN ONE APP using standardized steelpan layouts set forth by Trinidad and Tobago and Pantrinbago, the governing body of steelpan.
  • Highest rated Piano app on itunes and Google Play Store.

This Piano app is a one of a kind application for your Mobil phone. The user will be able to play an entire range of a Piano in this one application. The sounds that you hear coming out of this application are real Piano sounds/tones. They are not samples or computer generated.

Tapping your screen with your finger will produce a regular sound like when playing the Piano.

There are several Piano screens.  With each of these layouts you can press the up and down arrows to change your octaves. . If you press the up arrow it will take you up to the high octaves on the Piano range (octaves 4, 5, 6 and 7) or you can press the down arrow to go as low as octaves 1 and 2 in the Bass range.

This application is protected under US Patent# 7,030,305 and European Patent# EP1837859

#1 Steelpan App
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