This is the FAQ’s section where you can get the buzz on asksalmon@napeinc.com. We are currently busy doing R&D to launch our commercial and market-ready product ASAP. Please be patient as we will do our best to get back to you in due course. We thank you for all the e-mails sent in and will update the dialogue shortly.

To begin with, the E-pan can be purchased online at www.napeinc.com. A list of official retailers near you will be posted on that website as time progresses.

No, you do not have to play with sticks. This instrument can be played with fingers. Actually, most customers prefer to play with their fingers. We are proud to say that the E-Pan offers equity to users with disabilities. Several customers with disabilities have gravitated to the E-Pan because of their inability to hold a pair of sticks. The E-Pan is touch sensitive and users with disabilities can use their, fists, fingers, prosthetics etc. to trigger the notes.

At present, the only colour the E-Pan comes in is pearl (off-white). For promotional purposes, we did a version in chrome and also customized graphics versions. These are not offered for purchase.

Yes, the E-Pan can be used as a MIDI device. Although the E-Pan is a workshop and has its own brain that comes with its own tones and several libraries, it also comes with MIDI In, Out and Thru. In the menu, the user is allowed to “turn sounds off”. There are no limitations.

An E-Pan takes approximately two weeks to be built. If you live in North America, it takes 4 – 10 business days for delivery using our courier. If a customer would like to receive their instrument sooner (via FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.) additional cost will apply.

For customers from other parts of the world, the shipping time varies.

Please contact salmon@napeinc.com with further questions.

The dimensions of the Please visit one of these couriers near you for an estimate.

LOCATION: E-Pans are being shipped out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

E-Pan Only –
DIMENSIONS: 28″x24″x9″
WEIGHT: 30 lbs

E-Pan & Soft Shell Case –
DIMENSIONS: 32″x26″x11.5″
WEIGHT: 40 lbs

Yes, we have developed an App for the E-Pan. It is called #1 Steelpan App GOLD and can be purchased at:

The #1 Steelpan App can be purchased at:

For Apple users, the #1 Steelpan App GOLD comes with MIDI Core capabilities. To connect to your phone or tablet, the process is as follows:

  • Purchase a USB lightning connector from the apple store.
  • Next, purchase a MIDI to USB connector from your local music store.
  • Connect the MIDI Out from the E-Pan to the USB lightning connector (male to female).
  • Put the lightning end into the iPhone or tablet charging port.
  • Open the #1 Steelpan App GOLD on your device.
  • Go to the InApp page within the app and activate or downloaded the Steelpan Professor.
  • Select channel #1. At this point, any note that is played on the E-Pan the corresponding note will play on your device. For example, if you play C on the E-Pan, C on your device will be triggered.

We do not sell used E-Pans. It will be very hard to find one as the residual value on the E-Pan is quite high. People don’t get rid of their E-Pans.

Through the use of the E-Pan app, #1 Steelpan App GOLD, using our AI technology, a beginner can learn any song that is available on the web in MIDI. Once you have the #1 Steelpan App GOLD installed, go to the InApp page within the app and download the Steelpan Professor.

E-mail your business proposal to salmon@napeinc.com and you will be contacted thereafter with regards to investment opportunities.

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