Rock DJ

Tony Lewis AS Robbie Williams


Simon Cowell (aka Andy Penfold) – Shirt No 10 / SIMON COWELL

Pamela Anderson (aka Deborah Barley) – Shirt No 8 / PAMELA ANDERSON

Kate Moss (akak Denise Ohnona) – Shirt No 3 / KATE MOSS

David Beckham (aka Andy Harmer) – Shirt No 23 / DAVID BECKHAM

Harry Hill (aka Craig Wilcock) – Shirt No 11 / HARRY HILL

Rory McIlroy (aka Damien Power) – Shirt No 6 / RORY MCILROY

Mrs Brown (aka Steve Crow) – Shirt No 69 / MRS BROWN

Prince Harry (aka Rhys Whittock) – Shirt No 5 / PRINCE HARRY

Robbie Williams (aka Tony Lewis) – Shirt No 13 / ROBBIE WILLIAMS

James Corden (aka Grant Bell) – Shirt No 18 / JAMES CORDEN

Harry Kane (aka Danny McLaughlin) – Shirt No 10 / HARRY KANE

Kylian Mbappe (aka Ty) – Shirt No 29 / MBAPPE

George Best (aka Mark O’Hare) – Shirt No 7 / GEORGE BEST

Sam Allardyce (aka Steve Wallbank) – Shirt No 1 / BIG SAM

Marilyn Monroe (aka Susie Kennedy) – Shirt no 2 / MARILYN MONROE

Jamie Vardy (aka Lee Chapman) – Shirt No 9 / LEE CHAPMAN

Rock DJ

Essembe Strings
Slow Strings
Rock Organ
Bright Piano
Mute Trumpet
Mute Guitar
Discoration Guitar
Electric Drum Kit
With Backing Vocals Choirpad
Lead Vocals Alto Sax

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